Madhunashini vati

Discover the Wonders of Madhunashini Vati

Madhunashini Vati is renowned because of its properties of repression of the absorption of glucose and at the same time lessens the sweet sensation in foods. This is very essential for those who would like to lessen the level of blood sugar or those who want to lose weight. This herb works especially through regulating the sugar level or the glucose present in your body.

The main components of this Ayurvedic  Herbs are extracts of natural plants such as Amrita, (Katuki, Nimba, Jambu or blackberry,  Kirata Tiktaka or Chirayata, Karavellaka or bitter gourd), Gudamara, Kutaja, Go-kshura, Kala-Megha, Babbula fruit, Karcura, Haridra, Ativisha or pungent variety, Krishna Jiraka, Ashwagandha, Bilva, Triphala  as well as and adventitious roots of Shilajith, Vata, Methika and many more.

The Madhunashini vati is so beneficial in various medical conditions such as:

  • This treatment is discovered to be effective in treating diabetes.
  • This is also helpful in various kinds of hereditary illnesses.
  • This treatment is also effective in treating different kinds of medical conditions associated with diabetes.
  • According to the recent study, this treatment is also very efficient in lessening the level of toxins in your body which have been accumulated for a long time in your system.
  • This also makes your skin glowing and healthy.
  • The Madhunashini vati also reduces the occurrence of pimples and acne leaving your skin soft and rosy.

Madhunashini vati can be used two to three times for every illness state needed. Taking this along with swarasa and haldi is great.

Article Source : Ayurvedic Herbs